Covid 19 has had a significant impact in every sector of society

Survey on the impact of COVID-19


At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, CRVPF checked with its partners on how they were fairing and a few challenges were noted and these were directly affecting the beneficiaries which include lack of access to information, domestic violence and misconception of the COVID-19.

As a result, CRVPF will do an online survey to clearly get an insight on issues sighted by partners and the results will help CRVPF in planning its programs in line with the effects of COVID 19.

The online survey will start on the 27th of April and end on 1st of April 2020

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Proper hygiene is key in the fight against Covid 19

Responding to COVID-19 Challenges

As an organization CRVPF is in talks with the Ministry of Gender’s CPWG and other stakeholders as they embark on a process of reviving the Uganda Child helpline 116 which is an emergency line for reporting child rights violations that may occur during this period. Violence against children cases have been on the rise since the lockdown in Uganda begun and we strongly believe that this is the case in the entire region. As a measure to deter this kind of violence, we are hoping that the presence of a reporting mechanism will discourage perpetrators if they are aware that they can be dire consequences if they choose to engage in this criminal acts that violate children’s rights.

Our partners in both the PVAC and AGPP have also embarked on working on measures to complement government efforts through raising awareness using various forms of media; on both stopping the spread of COVPID 19 and ensuring that children and adolescent girls are safe during this lockdown period and the recovery period as well.