Children and Adolescents

                              need to feel safe

CRVPF started grant making initially targeting individual organisations. However, it was later discovered that giving grants to community organizations and local NGOs with limited organizational capacity and reach was not feasible to expand the grant making.

CRVPF therefore decided to try a new and different approach in its grant making. The cluster approach; where identified and selected partners are encouraged to form a cluster partnership of 2 – 5 organisations in the same geographical location for greater impact. These clusters in turn identify a lead organisation from amongst them and identify project implementation areas.

The granting process begins with a 6 months planning and learning grant that allows the partners within their clusters time and space to know and understand each other’s strategies, strengths and challenges. It also allows them to identify a project area and conduct a situational analysis by listening to children, adolescents, families, communities and schools.

Partners are then encouraged to develop long-term proposals after the six months for CRVPF. This then leads to the long-term grants after a rigorous grants recommendation process.