Children and Adolescents live in a secure and enabling

environment free from violence in homes,

            schools and community

Our approach

CRVPF partners with 156 community organizations and local NGO’s that work with children, adolescents, families and communities. We engage with partners using a cluster model and place-based approach to create safe and supportive environments for children and adolescents.

A cluster is made up of partner organisations working in the same geographical area with focus areas that are likely to complement each other. We encourage 2 to 5 partners to organise a cluster partnership and develop intervention activities in one selected project area.


We also connect clusters across the region to create a network of networks to work on the root causes of violence.


We learn with our partners and leverage our insights and the growing evidence base to influence policy and practice on violence prevention and investments to support children, adolescent girls and families.


Through the clusters approach, we provide grants, capacity development support, and engage our partners to learn and network with other organizations that are working to prevent violence.

Our Programs

CRVPF currently has three grant-making programs:


All programs are strategically interconnected and have a similar approach in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania where CRVPF works supporting children, adolescent boys and girls, families in low-income communities, refugee settings, host communities, and displaced families.