Transforming the Lives of Adolescents: Dynamic Safe Space Activities

CRVPF uses the cluster approach where 3 – 5 organizations operate in the same geographical area jointly implementing projects. Our programs –Prevention of Violence Against Children (PVAC); the Adolescent Girls Power Program (AGPP); the Youth and Capacity Development Program (YCD) and the Emergency Program are strategically interconnected across the four countries of our operations Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. At the core of these programs, is the empowerment of youth through livelihoods support.

Girls Safe Spaces host girls aged 15 – 20 years who meet weekly to share life experiences and knowledge, learn skills and earn. Most of the girls have dropped out of school as they lacked school fees and decided to get married. In the safe spaces, they are taught vocational skills like flower arrangements, making sanitary pads, crafts, baking, liquid soap making, hairdressing, and tailoring. The groups set goals and pool their resources to help those in need. They bake wedding cakes using a charcoal stove. They also receive materials and startup capital for tailoring and hairdressing.

“I received UGX 300,000 the organization, and with an additional UGX 50,000 from my mother I purchased a sewing machine. This machine has helped me earn income. I repair clothes, and make bags, Gomesi (traditional dresses), pants, and dresses for sale. With my earnings, I have supported my parents with household necessities and paid school fees for my younger brother.” - Nansiimbe Adha

“I lacked training to apply for the jobs that I was interested in, and when I got employment, I would not be paid sometimes. I would grow crops and sell the produce but could barely afford necessities like soap and sanitary pads. Today I am earning more. I used the UGX 200,000 startup capital that I received to purchase a sewing machine. I am now the only tailor in her neighborhood. I also makes snacks which I supply to other people to sell for me, and I save the profits. I plan to open a large tailoring and design shop in the future.” - Nakacwa Hadija

The girls in the safe space have seen a reduction in cases of defilement and gender violence because the girls who lack parental support can report to the community organization, the police, and the woman representative for assistance.

They are trained in handicrafts, making candles, soap, pads, envelopes, hairdressing and tailoring. With the skilling and capital boost from CRVPF and Team Uganda they are longer idle and helpless but have become empowered. They make and sell snacks and clothes and save money with the groups they belong to which is helping them better prepare for a good future.