"Our time is now - our rights, our future"

CRVPF joined the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child across our countries of operation, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

Girls are central in all our programs to demystify practices that deny them choice and power. To change these norms, CRVPF through its programs has established over 336 safe spaces in the region, where girls come together to learn new skills and share experiences that enable them to build resilience, agency, and power. The International Day of the Girl Child celebrations provided a platform for girls to share their experiences and learn from each other. With knowledge and skills acquired, girls have been able to go back to formal education, acquire formal employment and earn a living for improved livelihood. The future is open to them with endless possibilities. The theme was, “Our time is now – our rights, our future.”

"Our work is anchored in children’s rights, supported by a strong belief in the voice and agency of children and adolescents."

What the girls say...


"When I shout our time is now, our rights, our future, it allows me to make my voice heard against the dominant social norms like child marriages, girls not eating (chicken, fish, eggs), not engaging in politics and decision making, which are all indicators of gender inequality. Through safe spaces, I believe I have gained the potential to change the world as an empowered girl, future mother, mentor, political leader, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, and business woman. This theme enables me to understand that I have a goal, mission, and vision, and knowing that our time is now, it upholds our rights today and promises a more equitable and prosperous future." Joan is a member of Nsooba safe space - Kampala, Uganda

“Indeed, it is my time! I have learned so much over these past years. I have realized it was my time, as the Baganda say.. "eno ye sawayange"

I can now say that I have a future. I have learnt both soft skills and hands-on skills and can do business for my livelihood. I have learnt so much that I can share knowledge with others.

I believe I have a right as a girl to speak up my mind. No one can force me to marry a man I don't love. No one can make important decisions for me because it is my right.” Member of Hope Girls safe space - Luwero, Kampala, Uganda


"We celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child because it gives girls a platform to build momentum on agendas that concern gender-based violence, especially teenage pregnancy.

Most teen girls who are either in or out of school, lack the knowledge of sexual reproductive health and they end up getting pregnant. So, on this day, girls have the opportunity to learn about such issues.

Member of Amani girls safe space - Mwanza, Tanzania.


"As an adolescent girl, this is my time to take advantage of all the opportunities availed to me in Safe Spaces. I stopped schooling in 2021 due to a lack of school fees. If I had not taken advantage of what was given to me, I would probably be married by now with a child and with no skills to support myself. I have a starting point now and I can make clothes, instead of admiring and taking gifts from men. I am happy that I have not been forced to participate in these activities and have taken it as my right. I now have hope that my future will be brighter." Bridget is a member of the Girls of Significance safe space Luwero - Kampala Uganda

(Picture: safe space girls displaying placards during the International Day of the Girl Child celebrations in Luwero, Kampala Uganda)